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Custom clerance

For 40 years CIS SPA is offering solutions for customs aspects connected to the logistics of goods.
With our customs brokers, we guarantee a service that allows to our customers, operators of international trade, a proactive association, consider us partners.
We are ‘Authorised Weighers’ for the import of fresh bananas and recognized as ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ (AEO) as proof of the adequate quality standards and professional skills.
In addition we also have a particular specialization in the seeds sector, in fertilizers, in food stuff products.

The continuous training program of our staff allows us to provide adequate answers on the tricky customs issues, even in sectors with particular specialization such us the shipment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste cargo.

In Livorno port we are partners of a port terminal that handles bulk and break-bulk goods, in these sectors we are able to be very competitive.

Through the “CUSTOM DECISION” Trade Portal we manage authorizations on behalf of our customers .

We offer the following customs services
Goods classification
special customs regimes
Customs disputes
Consulting in the management of the risk analysis related to the conditions of sale (incoterms)
Inquiries related to customs approved places
Customs warehouse
VAT/tax deposit
Active and passive improvements
Support in the process to obtain the AEO status
ITV and IVO requests
CIS acts in the supply chain as a professional intermediary between the control bodies and the customer, allowing both an optimization of shipments and also reduction of the cost and time.

We believe it is essential that each shipment is monitored and managed paying particular attention to the customer’s business, and for this reason we invest in scrupulous customs planification to propose suitable solutions also for optimize operation times and reduce risks.